Women Helping Women

In our "Woman-to-Woman" business development we offer a strategic plan to assist today’s woman a way to develop her life in a structured and timely manner.

In our “Women Count” series, we show each woman that her life is much more precious than gold. We simply assist her in laying out her daily responsibilities in order of importance.

We teach her the truth about weight management and build individual programs that last a lifetime.  Regardless of her body type, age or daily schedule, we know we can offer her a more fulfilling life. 

Weight-A-Minute offers group meetings with a new and exciting topic at each one to keep today’s busy woman coming back for more. 

Weight-A-Minute Minutes: Teaching her to make time to do what really counts  in her life.

Not only is eating right for life very important, but managing it is a key to her success.

We want her to know that a quality life is just around the corner.  Weight-A-Minute is here to help.  More importantly, we teach her to avoid the “quick fix” diet, which can actually cause further weight gain down the road.  We teach her about her body, the foods that are good for her, and how to make this life change applicable for the long run.

In addition, we want to expand working horizons to women everywhere. Single moms, married, or career women.

Weight-A-Minute offers special business opportunities to all types of women with all types of ethnic, cultural backgrounds.


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