Weight Management Studio

Weight Management Studio  :
Weight-A-Minute Personal Weight Management Clinic
 Years Ahead of the Rest!

The Weight-A-Minute personal weight management, sports nutrition and anti-aging center provides the latest breakthrough in weight control technology. With 30 years of extensive research we bring to you the most advanced weight control system.  Accumulated years of research and testing are now combined into one incredible weight loss and wellness center/store to bring customers maximum results , and you the business owner, a wise investment in business.

The Weight-A-Minute System is an individualized weight control center that differs from all other generic weight loss programs. Offering in-depth education and life re-programming coaching programs that will bring clients life long changes.  Plus, with our anti aging computerized system, your customers can look great while you are losing or gaining weight. 

The Weight-A-Minute Sports Nutrition Center is a leading must.  Your center can take any type of athlete at any level to provide maximum endurance, energy, and strength.

Opening your own Weight-A-Minute Personal Weight Management and Nutrition Center means you now take your lead in the lucrative $300 Billion Industry.  These specialty centers compete with any GNC, Jenny Craig, LA Weight loss and more.  Except for the fact that WAM teaches the Truth About Losing and Gaining Weight!  Our retails shops include a complete weight management and nutrition store, accompanied by topical skin care therapy and anti aging.  Your customers will look great, and feel great for years to come.

Our centers are developed by physicians and scientists and sports enthusiasts, to assist you in determining the most important factor in long term weight control – how your body oxidizes foods!  Plus, with each center we teach you how to add your own sports nutrition center for the entire family.  Whether your client is looking to lose a lot of weight, or just become a little slim and trim, The Weight-A-Minute Personal Weight Management and Nutrition Center is your key to overall health, and nutrition.

Our centers can be added into a current facility such as a med spa, physical rehab centers, health clubs, spas, and more.


Each Weight-A-Minute Weight Management  Includes:

  1. Complete Computerized Weight Management & Wellness Center
    • Oxidative Typing Computer Software
    • Hundred of Computerized Menus
    • Computerized Supplement & Personal Product Recommendations
  2. Complete VitaminStore(CompetewithGNC and VitaminWorld)
  3. Complete Marketing Package which includes:
    • Banners and Signage
    • Sales Scripts-Phone, Tours, On Site Promotions
    • On-site seminars and Presentations for Corporate Wellness
    • Ad Designs
    • Business Cards, Flyers, Brochures
    • Web Promotions
  4. Business Operations School (3-4 days)
  5. The Truth About Weight Loss Seminar
  6. Nutrition certification
  7. Vitamin and Minerals, and Oxidative Typing Formulas
  8. WAM Wellness Education & Certificate
    • Woman’s Wellness
    • Sports Nutrition
  9. Digital Body Fat Caliper and Scale
  10. Muscle Module & Body Fat Module
  11. How to Lower Your Fat Thermostat Specialty Training Seminar
  12. Display Shelving
  13. In Home Party Planning-Distributorship
  14. Individual & Group Education all built in to advanced computer technology 

    Free Standing: Weight-A-Minute Personal Weight Management Studio and Sports Nutrition Center
  2. Add On to Your Current Clinic, Med Spa, Gym

Projected Income:
On Weight Management Clinic Only

  • Based on 300 Clients Annually = $269,000
  • Based on 500 Clients Annually = $449,000

* Does not reflect walk in customers or skin care, anti aging products.


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