Advanced Health Center PH7 for Leading Edge Nutrition & High Level Wellness                                              

The Most Advanced Weight Management & Sports Nutrition Center designed for advanced weight loss, muscle gain, and overall wellness.
Designed to be a free standing unit or fit right into your health club, gym or health professional center.

PH7 Nutrition provides leading edge programs and menu planning in the weight control industry. We engage every level of weight management from changing the body from the inside out.  We have a cutting edge focus for ANY TYPE OF ATHLETE that wishes to EXCEL in ANY SPORT, whether recreational, or professional.

PH7NUTRITION tricks the body!  We lower fat set points, increase metabolism and help to balance the pH level.

With 35 years of extensive research all combined into this ONE AMAZING SYSTEM is like having your own panel of medical physicians, sports nutritionists and food scientists right in your office, we did all the work, so you don’t have to!  With this accumulated time we have researched and tested thousands of individuals to provide PROVEN and ACCURATE results…for recreational fitness and SERIOUS FITNESS. 

Make PH7NUTRITION your wise investment to add incredible profits to your club, office, or personal training department. Opening your own PH7 Center means you now take your share in the lucrative $300 Billion Industry right inside of your current club, office, or business. Bring the 80% market into your front door!  We teach you how to increase profits within your four walls, and to target new markets outside of the gym.


Add On or a Free Standing Center CALL FOR SPECIAL PRICING….(561)929-7582 Turn Key Set UP! Includes Training & Certification

Projected Income:

 5-10 Clients a Month:  $150,000

15-20 Clients a Month:  $269,000 and Up

PH7 Nutrition Analysis

oxidative typing formulations, based from the true source key of oxidative typing.  This scientific and medical based program determines each diet program based on the individual calculations of body typing, digestion, metabolism, body fat calculations, and a lowering of the body's fat set points.


SEEKING AREA DEVELOPERS 1-561-929-7582 or email us at





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