PH7 Nutrition

offers accurate oxidative typing formulation that is based from the true source key of oxidative typing.

This scientific and medical based program determines each diet program based on the individual calculations of body typing, digestion, metabolism, body fat calculations, and a lowering of the body's fat set points.

The PH7 Program is designed for those with specific goals.  It is a fitness nutrition program and wellness program.  This program is designed only for medical offices, health clubs, and health professionals.

Establishing Your Oxidative Profile:

It will be useful to determine how you as an individual oxidizes food.  You can determine this in a general way by testing reactions to the thought of certain foods, or food combinations.  Unless there are specific emotional interferences in your reactions to certain foods, such as a continued need for reward foods of childhood, your likes and dislikes are usually determined by your body’s type.

The profile includes computerized pulmonary functions, body fat composition profile, computerized nutritional analysis.  Each printout is personalized and is highly successful in determining what type of foods and supplements you should take .Diets and foods were developed that were tailored to the individuals in their oxidative groups.  Test groups over years of research and clinical study have responded positively to these individualized programs.  The key to the use of tour formulas and diets are used to determine a persona oxidative type.

This is also based on the Autonomic Nervous System.  This system is the master regulator of metabolism including oxidation at the cellular level.. It determine how food water and light, temperature and more are going to be used to support life and how efficient this life is going to be.

The need to maintain health and best performance of this is system is crucial.

The autonomic nervous system is divided into two branches: Sympathetic and Parasympathetic.  Both send electrical impulses to gland organs and systems in the body.  We are designed to work in opposition to each other so that the electrical impulses are working properly to maintain a balance in the operation of the glands, organs, and systems.

If one branch of your nervous system is stronger than the other you may have an oxidation problem.  It changes the blood ph as we well as the oxidation rate.Upon filling out a proven and tested lengthy questionnaire, the advanced computer system will determine top menu and supplement plans that will enhance maximum fat burning and muscle conditioning.  Our proven academic system will assist your client in determining the exact percentages of carbohydrates, fat and proteins.  Then we will build menus ranging anywhere from 1,000 to 6,000 calories a day depending on the daily needs and goals of the individual.

We are the most advanced weight management system available.  No two individuals are alike, so no two programs are identical.

The PH7 Nutrition program is designed by the creators of Weight-A-Minute International.  Which specializes in store fronts, and free standing studios that offer a vitamin store, coaching center, and an optional training center.

It is an individualized weight control program that differs from all other generic weight loss programs. We offer in-depth education and life re-programming systems.

 Developed by physicians and scientists to assist you in determining the most important factor in long term weight control – how your body oxidizes foods!

 By determining this crucial factor we can then design a program specifically for you, utilizing foods that will nourish your body while helping you lose unwanted pounds or maintain your current body weight




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