This Scientific And Medical Based Program Determines Each Diet Program Based On The Individual Calculations Of Body Typing, Digestion, Metabolism, Body Fat Calculations, And A Lowering Of The Body’s Fat Set Points.


Will Now Provide You With Results, On Every Level. Whether You Need To Lose Lose Weight, Gain Muscle, Or Just Become Healthy. PH7 Will Provide That Leading Edge - Every Time!

Each Program Is Customized And Based On The True Oxidative Typing Formula Based On Your Individual Ph.
Learn The Secret To Eating For Life, Whether For Competition, Daily Living, Weight Loss, Or Just Getting Healthy, PH7 Will Provide The Cutting Edge Results That You Deserve With Each And Every Workout.


• Overweight

• Muscle Strength

• Recreational Athlete

• Professional Athlete

• Youth And Children

• Individual Eating Plan

• Individual Supplement Plans For Wellness, Muscle Gain, Weight Loss And Youth

• Team Nutrition Plans For Any Sport.....Football, Hockey,Track, Cross Country...

No two people look or act exactly alike.  Neither do two human systems function exactly alike.  Food that meets the needs of one person may not meet the needs of another.  Some people are able to eat a variety of foods, while others must rely on a more specialized diet.

Eskimos, for example, live almost exclusively on animal protein and fat.  Yet people living in a tropical climate eat a higher proportion of vegetables and fruits.  Since we all originate from different backgrounds, we have all developed distinct and diverse eating habits.

People oxidize food differently and at varying rates - quickly, slowly, or at some mid-point between the two.

Fast oxidizers digest foods quickly, and therefore require foods such as meat and complex carbohydrates, which are difficult to digest, in order to maintain a consistent level of fuel and energy.

Slow oxidizers process foods very slowly and therefore rely on foods

which provide readily available energy, like vegetables, fruits, and grains.

Mid oxidizers are able to process a variety of foods and therefore should consume a balance of both simple and complex foods.

By recognizing these basic differences in dietary needs, we can tailor diets and nutritional supplements to the needs of an individual's oxidative type.

Dietary programs which include properly proportioned amounts of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, as well as specific combinations of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, can be designed to fit an individual's oxidative rate.

These diets can be designed not only to help athletes achieve optimal levels of performance, but also to significantly enhance the health of non-athletes.

In conclusion, by establishing the rate at which you convert food into usable energy, it is possible to adjust your diet and determine exactly which foods are best suited for the optimal health and fitness of your body.



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