Weight-A-Minute International Studios

Weight Management Program Overview

The Weight-A-Minute System is an individualized weight control program that differs from all other generic weight loss programs. We offer in-depth education and life re-programming systems.

Developed by physicians and scientists to assist you in determining the most important factor in long term weight control – how your body oxidizes foods!

By determining this crucial factor we can then design a program specifically for you, utilizing foods that will nourish your body while helping you lose unwanted pounds or maintain your current body weight.

This medically developed program will not only identify your oxidative type, but accurately plan your diet and supplement needs!

We take into consideration your complete lifestyle profile.

Our computerized program is “state-of-the-art” technology.

  1. It utilizes real food.  It will assist you in achieving permanent weight control thus Eliminates the Generic Approach!, No points, no fat grams, no protein grams.
  2. Based on the TRUE OXIDATIVE TEST
  3. Programmed to your BODY TYPE
  4. Determines Body Fat Percentages, along with Lean Muscle Tissue
  5. Aids in prevention of Digestive Disorders
  6. Determines the Best Weight Loss Reprogramming for LIFE



Ultimately, in order to lose fat and keep it off, your must lower your set point. You must trick your body into using fat for energy instead of muscle so that the only weight you lose will be fat. As a result of lowering your set point, you will begin to lose improper food cravings; you will also increase your metabolic rate.
YOU SHOULD KNOW…There is no one formula that works for everyone. That is a medical fact. You must outsmart your body through training it. There are many variables involved such as height, weight, body fat, muscle tissue, age, sex, and activity level just to name a few. However, there are basic steps to follow when you are trying to lose fat and increase energy.

    1. Find the optimal amount of calories for your body type and energy.
    2. Determine the percentage of your protein, carbohydrates and fat. This is crucial for oxidation.
    3. Exercise for your individual needs. You will not risk regaining the fat because you have taught your body to keep muscle and use fat for energy.
    4. Supplement for your individual needs. Avoid burning muscle at all times! Give your body enough nutrients to burn fat, 64 in fact! Weight-A-Minute will print out an individual supplement plan based on oxidation type and personal goals.

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