Anti Aging Center-By Weight-A-Minute Brings Skin to Life In Minutes!

At our Premium Anti Aging Center one can expect to learn more about their skin and body health more than one can expect..  We offer a complete facility that educates each client individually for long life skin care rejuvenation and total body wellness.

With our anti aging plan, we carefully plan meals based on the digestion of the client.  While some foods will make certain individuals look and feel great, we know with other clients it can cause skin rash, fatigue and more. That is why we can offer advanced formulations for anti aging along with weight loss, fitness and anti stress.
Your client will take an extensive written test on past eating habits, present, and how they feel after eating specific foods.  Current lifestyle and vitamin intake is also plays a vital role in the type of program that is recommended.

The technician will take the client through (3) three stages.

  1. Personalized Menu Plans
  2. Personalized Supplement Plans
  3. Personalized Skin Care Plans
  4. Follow Up Education

Skin care products consist of a variety of in home kits that the technician will instruct how to use base on the client needs.  The product line consists of a variety of in home peels, micro exfoliation scrubs, moisturizers, Vitamin C’s, skin lighteners, advanced sunscreens, and more.

Along with each analysis, your client will receive top leading edge information on skin care rejuvenation.  Each program is designed individually to produce a healthy body inside and out. Our Anti Aging Center is used to enhance the appearance of the skin, along with treating the entire body with maximum nutrition and optimum health and focused energy.

For the business owner, we sell the computer analysis for food, vitamin and skin care plans.  We show the client what to purchase, and then to purchase in home spa and rejuvenation kits in between visits.

You can expect to earn in to the thousands of dollars per anti aging office.


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