About Weight-A-Minute

About Weight-A-Minute

Through an accumulation of 30 years of combined, intensive research we believe we have reached new heights of providing the very best in all arenas of in the Weight Loss, Wellness, Health, Fitness and Beauty Industry.

Weight-A-Minute International and The Dead Sea Beauty are not about offering you just one business, but many business opportunities.  Opportunities to suit the needs of any health professional, spa or an entrepreneur desiring to open and own their very own studio, 

Weight--A-Minute is about LIFE!  We believe you will recognize that immediately once you enter our website or our facility, located in Beautiful Boca Raton, Florida. 
We believe at Weight-A-Minute International, you will find something unique, successful, and the right fit for you.
While other health and wellness businesses offer one stream of income, we offer you many proven streams of income.

We offer science and success combined. 
We offer a medical sound and top physical fitness programs, along with beauty and specialty programs for all.  Make your choice, we have it all.

Our offices are located in Boca Raton, Florida, Santa Ana, California, and Jerusalem, Israel.  We believe that you will find nothing compared to Weight-A-Minute International in the entire world.  Whether you are an elite hotel or resort looking for a complete high quality, wellness system, or would like to open one of our full studios for weight loss, fitness or beauty, we welcome you into this outstanding world of health and wellness, and we promise to help you in everyway to make the best decision of a lifetime.
We hope to build a world of business with you……

To Your Health,

The Entire Staff at 
Weight-A-Minute International
and The Dead Sea Beauty


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