Weight-A-Minute International The Healthy Investment

The Weight-A-Minute Business


We are for anyone that desires to be involved in
The $300 Billion Weight Management, Spa Industry and Desires to Earn Huge Profits!
Add our business to your business, medical spa, health club or own your own storefront diet center-nutrition store or mini fitness spa.


We offer three(3) outstanding studios for today’s business owner and entrepreneur  Plus…Weight Management-Fitness-Beauty-Anti Aging-Sports Nutrition-and Successful Business Management all in Turn Key Systems Ready to Go.

Most Companies Offer One Stream of Income…Weight-A-Minute offers Multiple Profit Centers.  All for the Price of ONE BUSINESS!

Your customer is visiting multiple locations for multiple services and products, why not give them everything they need in one location, saving them time and increasing your profits!  That location should be yours!
Starting your own business is a Universal Dream! 
However, being successful may not come so easy. It will require a lot of work, time and money.
We know the road to opening a business is never an easy one, but doing it a lone can be challenging.
At Weight-A-Minute we go with you every step of the way.  We have everything designed from your color scheme, product and packaging design, inventory control, assistance to site location, and much more.

If you Desire to be in charge of your own destiny or simply desire to offer cutting edge programs within your current facility, then let Weight-A-Minute help you achieve your business dream.


Through 30 years of combined research we will introduce the best business opportunity with easy delivery methods to increase your profitability and probability of staying in business for years to come.

What do Americans spend annually?
Here is what our researchers discovered!
  1. Weight loss Industry:  $300 Billion and rising
  2. Skin and Beauty Industry:  $11 Billion and rising
  3. Fitness Industry:  $9 Billion and rising                      

Choose one of our superb diet spa/studios and take the leading edge you deserve to have a successful business life for years to come.

Weight-A-Minute International
The Healthy Investment!
You Choose!
Studio I:  Personal Weight Management, Anti Aging
Wellness and Sports Nutrition Center

Studio II:  Weight Management, Nutrition Store and Mini Work Out for Everyone!

Studio II:  Mini Fitness and Diet Spa For Women featuring
The Beauty Jewels, Tanning,  The Dead Sea Beauty Spa Shop
Studio IV:  The Dead Sea Beauty Spa Shop
 or Become a Distributor

Your Weight-A-Minute state-of-the-art personal health and wellness center will provide a balanced combination of products, training, and coaching.  Depending on which studio you choose to purchase we will offer you a variety of services and products.  Weight-A-Minute has and will continue to research all competition, products, and health services. 
Each competitor offered one or two things, or generic weight loss programs without the specialty & uniqueness that is offered by A Weight-A-Minute Classic!

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